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Child psychiatrists consider early childhood to be the most important stage in a child’s life.

It’s an exciting time when the child is learning a tremendous amount about themselves, others, and the world around them.  

“Les Pitchounets" kindergarten welcomes children from ages 18 months to four years, offering activities that contribute to children’s’ social and intellectual development, without forgetting language development.

The proposed learning program is focused on play, an essential need in children.

Kindergarten is often a child’s first experience of evolving as part of a group,

away from his or her parents in an organised and planned educational environment. 

Activities, adapted to the specific age group, include play sessions, activity workshops, and storytelling, allowing children to flourish and prepare for school.

One half-day per week is dedicated to studying nature

and learning outdoors in the natural environment.  

Learning takes place while respecting the rhythm of each child,

and the main objectives are to encourage autonomy,

instil a life-long love of learning and exploring, and prepare the child for school.    


Our programs



At “Les Pitchounets”, your child will learn about shapes, colors, everyday life, the five senses, and more.


The goal is for each child to be comfortable expressing him or herself in French and to acquire the necessary foundation to attend school in a French-speaking environment. Les Pitchounets also benefits from the many different cultures and nationalities represented in the Commune and its surroundings.

Games and outings

Physical education

Les Pitchounets offers a number of activities to promote healthy physical development, including rhythm and motion activities, psychomotricity, gymnastics,

and relaxation.


The kindergarten is fortunate to have a lovely outdoor play area in the countryside. 

The children also enjoy walks in the region, on the farm, in the park, and in the surrounding villages. We organize outings, for example,

to pick apples

and collect nuts.




To help children develop their creativity and fine motor skills, we offer multiple manual and artistic activities such as painting, crafts, collages, and playdough.



Musical awakening is part of the overall development of a child.  Each day includes a musical activity, for example, learning songs, discovering musical instruments, sounds, and rhythms, playing listening games, and partaking in “active animations”.


Outdoor Exploration

Each week, one half-day

is spent learning through exploring nature and

our environment.

Nature arouses curiosity

in children, as well as

the desire to discover

and explore.

Children are alert,

learning actively,

and experiencing all

that nature has to offer.

This helps to develop the 

well-being of each child 

in his or her physical, relational, affective, sensorial and cognitive components.

The aim of outdoor time

is also to engender

a respect for nature,

and to increase ecological

and environmental awareness. 


Our team

new equipe pitch.jpg.png

A team of qualified educators and experienced assistants supervise the children.

Annick Guillet Bolle, manager and educator

Agnès Brouwer, educator

Saïda Sayari, socio-educational assistant

Françoise Todde Ecoffey, auxiliary

Siham Rouqui, intern

The committee

"Les Pitchounets" is supported by a Parents’ Association,

which is comprised of the parents of children registered in the institution.

If your child attend Les Pitchounets, you are automatically

a member of the "Les Pitchounets" Association.  

The Association, created in 1984, is partially subsidized

by the Municipality of Pregny-Chambésy.

Parents remain members as long as their child attends  "Les Pitchounets".

"Les Pitchounets" is managed by a responsible officer,

in collaboration with a committee.

This committee, which is entirely volunteer based, is comprised of at least

five people and is elected each year by the General Assembly.

It meets approximately once per month to discuss important issues

in the life of the Association.

The Pitchounets committee for the year 2020-2021 is made up of:

Bimboes Liliana, Boada Anne, Cristiano Marina, Erksoussi Amy, Perruchoud Mélanie,

Seillière Sabine (President)



Registrations occur in March.

Outside this period, to register a child at the Pitchounets,

parents should request a pre-registration form by phone or e-mail .

Please complete the form and return it by post or email (in pdf).

Upon receipt of the form, a confirmation is sent to the parents.

If registration is full, the child will be included on the waiting list.

When a place becomes available, parents are notified

and an interview is scheduled with the management,

with a view to final registration.

Please read the 2021-2022 kindergarten regulations


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Route de Pregny 43, 1292 Pregny-Chambésy

Tel : 022 758 11 43

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